Monday, September 26, 2005

You Can't Handle the Truth

It's amazing to me. In a lot of ways, Jews are the toughest folks on the planet. We take a licking and keep on ticking. Sure, a lot of it is G-d's providence, taking care of us.

But still, a lot of it is us. Jews always keep going, keep fighting, keep studying, keep working.

And when it comes to criticism. Sheeesh! Jews are the toughest critics around.

And yet, in the face of a tyrant in Israel throwing Jews out of thier homes to give to terrorists, most Jews worldwide just said... nothing.

Why? Why did the toughest critics ever take a nap?

Why did the toughest people ever accept such nonsense?

The truth is they couldn't handle it. It's that simple. They looked at the situation and found the truth so disturbing, they simply could not face it. So they just pretended that it was fine. Or they ignored it entirely. Is there a precedence for this?

Of course. Look at your childhood. When something terrible happened, something scary, you froze. You know, the deer in the headlights pose.

And what couldn't they accept. The truth. That the Palestinians will never accept peace. That no matter what we give them it will never be enough. And that the only way to defeat them is to say, "This is our land. G-d gave it to us. If you can't behave, you'll have to leave."

We can accept anything esxcept that. Standing up for ourselves and our heritage is too much to handle.

Apparantly, like Nicholson said in A Few Good Men, we just can't handle the truth.

Sad, but true.


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