Friday, September 02, 2005

What if...

What if Israel really is the spiritual center of the world?

What if Jews really are supposed to treat each other with sensitivity and compassion?

What if the behavior of Jews, especially to one another, affects the rest of the world?

Well, this is what our traditional teachings have been telling us for thousands of years.

If it's true, then G-d is not happy right now.

Because Jewish people have thrown other jewish people out of their homes for their own convenience.

And the Jewish leaders have said that Israel should be like every other country.

And the Jewish leaders of Israel have given away all of Israel's holy sites: the Temple mount, Chevron where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried, Rachel's tomb.

They did nothing when Joseph's tomb was destroyed.

If Jewish beliefs are true, then G-d must have been getting more and more ticked off.

But then Jewish leaders gave away part of Israel to its enemies and threw good Jewish people out of their homes to give to those enemies.

And most of the Orthadox Jews in Israel and America were for it. Many yeshivas in Israel accepted bribes from the government. And many rabbis in America were afraid to tell the truth to their congregations. Or they really don't understand what they're suppposed to be experts on. Or they're just cowards.

If I were G-d, and everything it says in the Torah were true, I'd be very ticked off right now. I'd be furious.

And what just happened? A large American city was just destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are suffering.

Could this be connected to George Bush pushing through his "Road Map" and forcing Sharon to do what he did?

Depends on what you believe, doesn't it?

But I tell you what. If Jewish traditional beliefs are true, then the world is in big trouble, especially if we continue with this "Road Map".


Blogger muse said...

For sure, we ought to be repenting. It's Rosh Chodesh Ellul.

12:50 AM  

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