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Pastor Jim Speaks the Truth

It turns out that if you're not Jewish you can say anything. Check it out.

August 31, 2005

Dear Mr. Sharon:

I have received your letter of August 16, 2005. Thank you for answering.

However, with all due respect, Sir, I wish to take issue with you that Israel’s “best interests, welfare, and security” necessitated a withdrawal from Gaza and Shomron. The pullout will not have “positive effects” on Israel’s security, economy, and standard of living.

For instance, Sir, I know for a fact that on April 30, 2003, you were “not advocating pulling out” from Gaza and Shomron after having defeated Amran Mitzna in the elections.

But, on that day, April 30, 2003, you were given the Condi Rice-authorized, Flynt Leverett-authored (in the Saudi-funded Jim Baker Public Policy Institute, Rice University) Road Map to Peace Plan.

When written, the Road Map went to the Saudis for their approval, then the European Union, then Tony Blair, then Colin Powell, then Bush, and from him, it came to your government on April 30, 2003.

Interesting, Sir, is the fact that the Road Map was given to you after Abu Mazen was sworn in as Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority.

The next day, Sir, a British al-Qaeda martyr-bomber (aiming for those seventy-two dark-eyed virgins in the Islamic version of a Hollywood Whorehouse) blew up the Tel Aviv pub Mike’s Place as a fitting reaction to the new Road Map Policy. Casualties? Three were killed and over twenty wounded!

Sir, Islamic terror is not caused because of “Israel’s supposed occupier” position. Ten weeks before you became a Jewish state (February 22, 1948), a triple truck bomb was detonated on Ben Yehuda Street. Fifty-four people were killed with hundreds wounded.

The lesson? It is obvious that Islamic terrorism is caused, not by the “desperation” of “occupation,” but by THE VERY THOUGHT OF A JEWISH STATE.
You say, Sir, that for the first time, the Palestinians will be presented with a clear choice: building or destroying!

Mr. Prime Minister, I did not fall off a “cabbage truck” yesterday! I have been studiously following events in Israel the entirety of my Christian experience, which now is forty-one years! During that period of time, the Palestinians have been given “clear choices” hundreds of times.

And, Sir, I am aware that the USA continues to disregard realities in the Middle East, putting extremely heavy pressure on Jerusalem to go along with the Road Map and ignoring the Palestinians’ ongoing terrorist activities - the daily casualties among Israeli civilians and the firing of mortar shells and Qassam rockets at Israeli targets!

Sir, the Disengagement was a huge prize for Islamic terror. In its wake, Sir, the Palestinians will not only achieve their strategic goals but will also reach a clear conclusion - TERROR PAYS!

They will get all the concessions Israel, the USA, the European Union, and the United Nations showers on them - billions and billions of dollars! From those funds, they will reorganize themselves and rebuild their Islamic terror units; and the moment it is convenient, the homicide bombers will start blowing up buses; and Qassams will start falling on Askelon, Sderot, Tel Aviv, etc.

Your experience from Oslo ought to have taught you that this WRONG WAY - ROAD MAP “bodes” a future in which Islamic terror will be much worse.

Back, Sir, to the Spring of 2003, and to the presentation of the WRONG WAY - ROAD MAP Peace Plan - I know for a fact that on May 10, 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell marched into Israel with a list of WRONG WAY - ROAD MAP “demands” requiring substantial Israeli concessions in return for only imprecise, ambiguous, and perplexing assurances from the Palestinians.
Israel was to cease “provocative” antiterrorist operations!
Israel was to release all Palestinian terrorists! (How many are we - the USA - freeing from Guantanamo?) Israel was to permit Palestinian workers into Israel, including those who fit the age group of Islamic Terrorists!

Israel was to freeze all settlement activities! (I grew up, Sir, in the Panhandle of Texas. As a boy, I was taught Texas History about how settlers came and settled the Panhandle! Now, I live in Oklahoma! Oklahoma History teaches how settlers settled this Indian Territory, and as a matter of fact, the Oklahoma University fight song, “BOOMER SOONER,” has to do with that settling! But, since it “weren’t Jews,” it is OKAY in America!)

Sir, Secretary of State Powell (then) and Ms. Doctor Condi Rice (now) “rudely ignore” Israel’s reservations, and both insist on sticking to the original WRONG WAY - ROAD MAP dictates!

Israel has been put in a position by the USA to make “confidence-building measures” (HOGWASH, I SAY, SIR) unilaterally! Israel is expected to unilaterally undertake these conciliatory measures demanded by the USA irrespective of Palestinian actions!

Sir, the “NEW REALITY” you speak about, which Disengagement allows you to embark on, is “SANCTIMONIOUS RHETORIC”! It is “only” the advancement of Bush’s naive political interests in the Middle East.

I remember the day you met Abu Mazen (Arafat #2) on May 17, 2003. Then, the Palestinians refused to live up to Washington’s promises that they would fight terrorism after significant withdrawals.

Your squabble with Arafat #2 on May 17, 2003, was immediately followed by the May 18, 2003, bombing of yet another bus in Jerusalem which killed seven and wounded twenty-four.

On my birthday, May 19, 2003, an Islamic female suicide bomber hit the shopping mall in Afula, leaving three dead and seventy wounded.

As I recall, Sir, exceptionally detailed intelligence left no doubt in Washington or Jerusalem that both bombings were directed from Arafat’s headquarters in Ramallah.

And yet, the IDF did not act because of intense U.S. pressure not to embarrass Bush by undermining the Road Map, even though the price would be paid with the lives and limbs of Israeli civilians.

After those events, in Maaleh Adumim, I told my friend, Mayor Benni Kashriel, that if I were Prime Minister of Israel, I would give a six-hour notice to folks in Ramallah and allow all the women and children to leave.

Then, I would drop a US Arsenal Daisy Cutter (25,000-pounder) on the thug of all thugs - Arafat - and his cronies!

Benni was so impressed by that statement that he attempted to get me an appointment with Sha’ul Mofaz so that I could tell him.

Mr. Prime Minister, I am your friend and not your enemy. I am a Yedid and Chaver to the Jewish people. I have no hidden agenda. I just believe that G-d meant what He said when He said He would bless those who blessed the Jews.

Now, Sir, you question, “Do they [Islamic Palestinians] want to continue to wallow in hatred and incitement, condemning their people to a life of poverty and misery?”

Sir, in all the countries where Islam now holds sway, common, ordinary people are condemned to a life of poverty and misery! THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER, SIR!

SUICIDE BOMBERS are standing in line to get at US forces in Iraq! As we get closer to Congressional and Senatorial elections in 2006, the liberal, leftist US Media will find a Democrat Champion; and as American soldiers continue to die, they will turn the “no-stomach-for-the-fight” Americans against Bush’s Middle East efforts.

Israel will then be left holding the bag of their Disengagement, but in a much more dire situation!


Neither the US News Media nor the Bush Administration will listen to what we are declaring! Please pay attention, Sir!

A True Yedid and Chaver of the Jews,
Jim Vineyard


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