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Nature or Nurture? The controversial version.

Look, this article is going to be controversial. So, if you have delicate sensibilities, this article isn't for you.

But you probably know we like to skate the jagged edge of things here at Upsidedown World.

Letter from Ruth Matar (Women in Green) Jerusalem
Thursday September 8, 2005

Dear Friends,

When I wrote my article last Thursday, I did something that I thought was very important. I posed the question to my readers asking if there is a connection between 9,000 Jews being forcibly removed from their homes in Israel by the Sharon government, and the many thousands being made homeless in the United States. This question turned out to be quite controversial.

I asked the opinion of the readers of last weeks Letter from Jerusalem whether these tragedies were merely coincidental, or if there possibly might be some cause and effect operating?

I implied that there might be some connection because of the intense pressure on Israel by the US State Department and US President George W. Bush, to give up parts of the Jewish Homeland for the establishment of yet another Arab terrorist state.

And the answers came - a veritable deluge of replies.

Three quarters of the opinions were in agreement with me. One quarter of these replies, vociferously and angrily disagreed with the possibility that there might be any kind of connection.

Some examples of letters:

Opinions denying the connection of Katrina and Gush Katif

*I highly recommend you to depose that woman from your leadership and send her to an asylum. (D.R.)

*I am disturbed at the number of Jews who are playing Navi (prophet) and pretending to have been given some Divine message that Hurricanes are punishment for making Eretz Yisroel Judenrein. (R.P)

*This is the stupidest letter you have ever posted: A connection? My G-D!! (Dr.B.S.)

Opinions supporting the connection Katrina and Gush Katif

*Sharon at the prodding of the American government, has destroyed hallowed centers of prayer, torah learning and settlement in the land of Israel. Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice, I implore you to ask Hashem’s forgiveness for destroying a flourishing part of Israel. Cancel all your demands for further territorial concessions in Israel. Please take Katrina very seriously for she is a no- nonsense messenger from the ALMIGHTY!!(E.J.S.)

*You, Mr. President have expressed pleasure at the expulsion, congratulating the perpetrator of his most awful crime, on his great courage in employing the mighty force of the Israeli army against unarmed families. You have sent your Secretary of State to demand further expulsions, further crimes. (F.L.)

*I believe we (US) are reaping what we have been sowing. We are experiencing a large evacuation, great sorrow. In my mind, G-D has taken from us what your government has taken from you. Mr. Bush condoned the “evacuation” and that was stupid on his part, very stupid, because it also affects us American citizens. Wake up Mr. Bush! (S.K.)

There is a marked tendency among many Americans to blame only Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the “disengagement”, and to hold America completely blameless.

However, the pressure from President George W. Bush and the US State Department has long been heavy, strong and persistent. America mistakenly continues to believe that appeasing the Arabs in Jewish coin will bring “peace” with the Arabs.

Is appeasement of the Arabs advantageous for America? The headline in yesterdays Jerusalem Post reads as follows: “PA gets 50m. in aid, then incites against US”. This article notes that even though the Palestinian Authority has signed a deal with the US for 50 million, to help with housing and infrastructure, Palestinian officials called to launch attacks against US soldiers and portrayed the US as an ‘enemy’.

A recently resigned Israeli government minister, Natan Sharansky, who, by the way, is greatly admired by President Bush, confirms that the reason for Sharon's “disengagement retreat” is the pressure that he is under from the American government and the other democracies abroad.

On August 23, the expulsion of the Jews from the communities in Gush Katif and Samaria was virtually complete. The Jerusalem Post featured the following headlines:

1. “Abbas calls to congratulate Sharon.”
2. “Bush praises ‘bold leader’ Sharon”
3. “Rice expects Israel to take additional steps after pullout”
“It can not be Gaza only”

On the same day, Tuesday, August 23, Hurricane Katrina formed as a tropical depression and quickly developed into a tropical storm. On Sunday August 28, Katrina bore down on the Gulf of the United States and has since devastated wide areas in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Katrina hit the United States just as the bulldozers were completing the destruction of Gush Katif.

Katrina is the worst natural disaster ever to have hit the United States.

I beg the forgiveness of my readers that I did not make it absolutely clear in my Letter last week how saddened I am for my fellow Americans who lost loved ones, had their lives torn apart and who have become refugees in their own country. Similarly, I feel pain for my fellow Jews who were expelled from their homes in Israel, and have become refugees as well.

Yesterday, I read a story about an old man who was evacuated (forcibly expelled) from his home in Gush Katif). He needed medical attention and was asked a routine question for his address. He started to cry bitterly: “I no longer have an address”, he said.

I grant you that there is a great difference between the tragedy in Israel, which is man made by the Sharon government, and the tragic devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. I did not mean to equate the magnitude of the two tragedies.

According to all the news commentators, Hurricane Katrina was caused by “Mother Nature”. “Mother Nature” they said, has stopped being “maternal”. Who is this fictitious “Mother Nature”? Does anyone pray to her when they are in need? The implication is that Hurricane Katrina was just a random unavoidable phenomenon!

As a religious Jew I firmly believe that there is a Higher Power in control of the Universe and all the elements thereof. The famous Rabbi Nachman of Breslev, teaches that we must constantly search for the Divine message in all the events of our lives, since Hashem speaks to all of us by way of our environment.

May The Almighty have mercy on all of us!

With Blessings and Love for Israel,
Ruth Matar
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)


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