Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Left-Wing Israel cannot survive. When did that stop being common sense?

It used to be. Common sense, I mean. That Israel must be right wing to survive, I mean.

I grew up in a very liberal home. If you're not observant, which I wasn't, being liberal is kind of automatic.

I was about as left wing as it got. But at twenty, when I visited Israel, my politics were suddenly very different... across the ocean, in a tiny little country surrounded by enemies.

I got right away that Isral must be a right wing country for its very survival.

I mean, when you are surrounded by dozens of countries that all want to kill your citizens, you get right away that you have to be strong.

If you're not strong you're dead. Just like that.

I was fine with that. In America, I was left wing, but for Israel, I was as right as it got.

It never occurred to me that there would come a day that people living in Israel didn't understand that. I mean, do deers forget that wolves are around? No. Never.

But that was 1988.

Four years later, Oslo happened. And it has gotten worse and worse ever since. The deers have forgotten that there are wolves out there.

Which I don't get, because it's not like the wolves have stopped hunting. Oh no. Since 1992, there have been 25,000 terrorist attacks in Israel.

25,000 attacks on civilians. Women on children. Buses and supermarkets.

There is this theory that you can make peace with wolves.

And I can almost hear the objections. "You can't call Arabs wolves. That's racist. You're a bigot."

And I wish they were right. But numbers don't lie. 25,000 is a big number. Everyone in Israel knows someone killed or maimed or otherwise hurt.

And yet, there's this insanity. Half of Israel thinks the thing to do is to throw raw meat to the wolves. That's a great idea. That'll calm 'em down.

And they control the agenda now. Even when they lose the elections, which I also don't get. Remember, the last election, when Sharon was elected on the platform of giving nothing to terrorists? And then he does the opposite. Aren't there any truth in advertising laws in Israel?

All I can say is that if this continues, I don't see how Israel can survive. Deers have a way of getting eaten when they're not protected properly. And right now, the government seems to think that wolves are people too. They're not. They're wolves.

And we're lunch.


Blogger Ze'ev said...

One of the names that israel is refered to by Jewish sages is: Eretz HaZvi - the Land of the Deer - you have given another reason for this name.

3:31 AM  

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