Sunday, September 04, 2005

Freedom of Speech is for America

One of the most dissapointing things that I have learned in the last six months, is that Israel is not what I had thought it was. I thought it was a democracy. I thought it was a free country. I was wrong.

This woman who is being arrested; I have posted her articles. She speaks the truth. But I guess you can't do that in Israel anymore. It's very disappointing. But it's important to know the truth. Even if you don't like it.

Attempt to Arrest Nadia Matar

This Sunday morning, September 4th, 2005, four (4) policemen in plainclothes came to Nadia Matar's home in Efrat. She was told that she was under arrest, and had to come with them to jail immediately.

Nadia asked to speak to her lawyer. When reviewing the arrest order, it showed no signature of a judge. The police left, promising to return.

According to the arrest order, Nadia is accused of incitement to rebellion in her articles.

Ariel Sharon has turned Israel into a police state. There is no freedom to criticize the Government. There is no freedom of speech.

Jerusalem, September 4, 2005 Ruth Matar, Co-Chair

Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380


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