Wednesday, August 24, 2005

What happens next? Duhhhhhhhhhh....

The other night, I was at a dinner and the subject came up what would happen next in Israel.

It turned ugly fast. Can I quote myself?

"I'll tell you what's going to happen. All those idiots in Tel Aviv who are for the Disengagement, will be gone within 10 years. Half will leave Israel and the other half will become Observant."

They were able to push the Disengagement through so easily, so probably they'll be able to push the West Bank disengagement through too. I'd guess within a year or two.

Once that's happened, the Arab Terrorists (aka Palestinians) will be within rocket range of 75% of Israel. And that's given the weapons they have today. Clearly, they'll have more powerful stuff later, now that they have an unmonitored deep water port.

So, you think terrorism is bad now? It'll really explode later and all the Left Wing Extremists (nice use of the term, extremist, huh?) will either see the light and realize that Israel really is the Holy land or they'll go to Miami Beach or NY or L.A. which is what they want Israel to be anyway.

It will be the ultimate in irony. By trying to turn Israel into a model of peace, they'll turn it into a model of terrorism (Yes. Even more than it is now. What do you think is going to happen when people with launchable explosives are within rocket range of people they've vowed to destroy? Hmmm..... Gee, I don't know..... Let me think....)

By ruining what minimal Democracy Israel had (since Israel will never vote for Disengagement, the only way for it to go through is through corruption and blatant misuse of power. That's how they've done it so far.) they will lose their electoral edge and hence, their power.

It's inevitable. The more dangerous Israel gets, the more Secular Jews will be faced with a the ultimate choice: Get out or Get G-d.

Because when your life is in danger and you're really scared, you either a.) Leave or b.) Pray.

Just ask somebody who's been in a foxhole.

And all of this is fine, except for one thing. A lot of Jewish people will end up undergoing needless suffering.

And that is the one thing which is not ok with me. And the one thing which fine with the Left Wing Extremists. Jewish suffering. And worse. I can't even bring myself to type it.

Why is this necessary? It's totally predictable. Unless you have your head up your ass. And only necessary because some us are indifferent to Jewish suffering. Innocent Jewish suffering. Children. College students. Housewives. Commuters. etc.

Depressing? Yes, but pretty accurate unless we can derail this train to hell.


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