Friday, August 26, 2005

What does Israel Value?

If you really look at the decisions the Israeli government has made, it's very clear what they value and what they think is garbage.

It's very systematic.

Let's see. In 1967, after we won the 6 day war, the one area we immediately dissavowed ownership of was the Temple Mount. That's where our 1st and 2nd Temples were and where the 3rd and final Temple is supposed to go. This is our single most important Holy site. We have been praying in this direction for thousands of years. And it was the first place the Israeli government gave away.

Then in 1993 with Oslo, they started pulling out of the West Bank. But where, specifically?

Chevron, where our ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are buried is under Arab control. We can only go in because they ALLOW us to. (Can you believe that?) But we gave that up voluntarily.

We also pulled out of the area of Rachel's Tomb. Another of our Holiest sites. We only have control of it now, because women, mothers and grandmothers defied the Israeli army and walked past the barricades.

Joseph's Tomb was taken by the Arabs several years ago. You know Joseph, Jacob's son. The guy with the colorful coat. We carried his bones across the desert 4300 years ago so we could bury him in Isreal. The Arabs took it, and desicrated it. Burning the bones. We did nothing.

Now we have thrown out the Jews in Gush Katif, about 80% religious people.

And the scuttlebut is, we're going to give away Jerusalem.

Do you sense a pattern here?

You don't see the Israeli government offering to give up Tel Aviv. Or Haifa. They seem to be systematically divesting Israel of all its Holy sites and sacrificing the religious population when there's a sacrifice to make.

It's just odd, because even if you really thought all religion is silly, a Jew would never advocate taking away the Vatican from the Catholics. We would never think of desecrating Muslim Holy places. But somehow it's ok to desecrate Jewish Holy places and to discriminate against religious people if they're Jewish?

One would think that we would treat ourselves and our heritage, our own Holy places, and our own religion with at least as much respect as we do for foreign cultures. But we don't. We treat our own the worst. The worst of the worst. Israel has, quite literally, thrown it all away, like yesterday's garbage.

What kind of country throws away its cultural heritage? And treats its own religion with contempt?

And meanwhile our enemies watch, salivating and sharpening their knives.


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