Thursday, August 04, 2005

The Prime Minister Speaks

The Palestinian one, that is. Here he is making demands. Listen. He's not joking.

Palestinian "Prime minister Ahmed Qorei told the crowd of around 10,000 people that the pullout would be the first step towards the creation of their promised state, including the whole of the West Bank with east Jerusalem as its capital.

He said the dismantling of all 21 Gaza settlements and another four in the northern West Bank must be a precursor to further pullouts.

'There is no way that this Israeli move can be a final move. It must be the first step,' he said."

So, here we are moving out 9000 Jews out of Israel and getting nothing in return but more demands. This is a terrible deal for us.

What happened to Jews being great shoppers? This is like going to Macy's and paying top dollar for the clerk to take things out of my wallet. Then, when I have no money left, he asks me to come back tomorrow because he needs lunch money.


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