Tuesday, August 02, 2005

An Open Letter to Members of Congress, the Media, and All Americans

July 31, 2005

An Open Letter to Members of Congress, the Media, and All Americans

Subject: Presidents and Prime Ministers who are Patrons of Terrorism!

As a veteran who has spent 28 years of his life in Military and Civil Service, and as a loyal Republican, George W. Bush's pre-election promises were encouraging to all G-d fearing Christians and Jews. But within the first few days of his Presidency, he deceived his brother Jeb and others when he did not move, as he had promised the electorate, to make Jerusalem Israel's Capitol. It was disgusting proof of his intentions to serve the Saudis and its Road Map, and to continue to pressure the G-d given tiny Jewish State of Israel. It would force Israel to surrender its land to a new country formed by the PLO and composed of the world's most vicious Islam-fascist terrorists, sworn to kill first the Jews, and then the Christians.

U.S. Presidents have patronized the world's leading terrorist organization since President Carter allowed the PLO to establish offices in Washington, D.C. and New York. President George Bush (senior) recognized Syria's reduction of Lebanon to a vassal state, and ignored the many major terrorist organizations in Damascus. Moreover, the Syrian dictator had personally authorized the suicide bombings of the U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon which cost the lives of 241 of these Marines. President Clinton's frequent guest at the White House was none other than Yasser Arafat. the godfather of international terrorism. Arafat has been succeeded by the PLO's # 2 terrorist, Machmoud Abbas (a/k/a Abu Mazen). This well dressed villain has become the darling of President Bush, who has urged Congress to appropriate 50 million dollars for Abbas's Palestine Authority. Actually, Congress has been pouring hundreds of millions of dollars in the coffers of the PA for more than a decade. It boils down to the fact that democratic America has been financing terrorism.

Unfortunately, even though Israel is the most bloodied victim of Arab terrorism, Israeli governments have been patronizing terrorism for over two decades, thus allowing hundreds to be killed. President Clinton's hosting the Rabin-Arafat "handshake" on the White House Lawn, is responsible forthe Israel-PLO Declaration of Principles, now known as the Oslo Accords. George W. 's obvious anti-Semitism is only aggravated, not lessened, by his continuous support of Israel's Prime Minister Sharon. Sharon has become the most despicable traitor working against the interests of his own People, his nation, and the G-d of Israel in order to avoid a criminal indictment of himself, and his two sons.Supporting Sharon's "Disengagement Plan" is no less shameful, hateful and anti-democratic. It is like Bush announcing that Americans living in southern California and south Texas have a short time to pack and move out of their homes, in order to give back to Mexico the land that was taken from them during a war some time ago. I sincerely hope and pray that all American G-d fearing Christians and Jews will recognize that President Bush is spitting in the face of democracy by praising Sharon's illegal plan to forcibly evict men, women and children from their homes, farms, factories. schools and synagogues, and to dig up the graves of their loved ones. Moreover, the Road Map will only lead to more Arab terror.

If President Bush really wants to destroy terror, then he must destroy the PLO. He should not be attempting to build a homeland for the terrorists on the Promised Land which G-d gave to the Jewish People. There are already two states on Jewish soil. Jordan is an illegitimate entity, already sitting on Land which was meant for the Jewish People to dwell on, in accordance with the directive of the League of Nations. Now President Bush and his Secretary of State Rice, both dare to suggest that the remaining 20 % of what remains for the Jews, be shared with another illegitimate Arab enemy.It is the same Arab enemy which is dedicated to the destruction of not only Israel, and the Jewish People, but also to the Christian People as well.

As some Moslems hold: First the Saturday People, and then the Sunday People!

Sincerely,Bernard "Bud" Dworkin
13030 Hampton Lakes CircleBoyton Beach, FL, 33436Email: buddworkin@aol.com


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