Monday, August 15, 2005

A note from Gush Katif, Monday.

This is amazing.  One can only hope that this will
happen everywhere in the Gush.

Shalom everyone.

And Baruch Hashem! In Neve Dekalim, at least, the spirits
of the Gush Katif residents are running high as they are
witnessing Hashem melt the hearts of IDF soldiers and Yassam
police units.

Shortly before 10am this morning, my friend Chaya called me
to allow me to share in what was happening. Through the
receiver of the phone I heard voices in song, "Am Yisrael
Chai". Chaya described what was taking place.

The residents had broken through the fence and had managed to
surround the IDF soldiers with circles of singing and dancing
people, a Sefer Torah leading the procession, the men garbed
in Tefillin and Talliot. As they danced and sang, they locked
eyes with the soldiers,some of the residents speaking to them
in low tones, "You don't have to do this". What they soon
witnessed were the faces of IDF soldiers wet with tears.
Grouped in buddy teams, the partner of each teary eyed soldier
would grab them and demand that they look their partner
squarely in the eyes, but the defensive routine they had
practiced seemed to be failing this morning to the jubilant
cries,prayers and praises of the Neve Dekalim residents.

Half an hour ago, I called my friend Miriam, also inNeve Dekalim.
"What's going on?", I asked. Miriam was on a spiritual high
that I could discern clear through the phone. A massage
therapist, she had been returning home from treating one of
the community women, when the loud speaker in the community came
to life and requested all residents to go to a certain location
in the village. A passenger in a resident's car, Miriam was
delighted when they obeyed the call. Arriving at the location,
their eyes were greeted with a sea of black-garbed Yassam
policemen. An unearthly spectacle. The Neve Dekalim residents
linked arms, trying, as Miriam put it, to muster some show of

They formed a line inside the security fence which had by then
been cut open in several places. They locked eyes with the
policemen on the other side and prayed. To their utter
astonishment, tears began to glisten on the rocksolid faces of
the hardened Yassam policemen. One after another, Hashem began
to melt the hearts of the Pharaohs. Soon, the residents began
to make their way through the openings in the security and began
to mingle amongst the human sea of black uniforms,bands of orange
weaving their way like foam atop shore bound waves. A tide of
emunah and bitachon making its way towards the shore. Suddenly,
the Yassam police unit did an about face and headed for their
buses, leaving the area.

Baruch Hashem. Am Yisrael Chai.


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