Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It's our lack of Unity that's the problem.

It's what is enabling the army to carry out this disengagement.

I was in Israel last year during Pesach. As a Jew from outside Israel who intended to go back home, I was required to keep the first two days of the holiday and do two Seders, as Jews living outside Israel do.

It wasn't easy. Why? I was doing the same actions. And yet people around me were not. That's not so easy. It's distracting. You think you're on your own. It's just plain more difficult.

Obviously, if all the Jews in Israel had been united against the disengagement, it could not go forward, no matter what Sharon said.

But even now, if all the Jews living in Gush Katif and all the protesters were resisting with all their might, I think it's possible we could stop it.

But that is not the case. About half the Jews there are moving out. This makes it much harder to those who remain to win the confrontation. There's a momentum thing. There's a perception thing. It's real. I wonder, if all the Jews had stayed and locked themselves in, if things would be going differently right now.

Am I judging them? No. I can't. I'm not there. Many have children and families that they must consider. G-d bless them. I'm just describing what I'm seeing. A lack of unity.

And many of the protesters have given up too. Gone home.

Lack of unity. Again, just the facts Ma'am. Just reporting what I'm seeing.

Bad things happen when the Jews are not unified in a confrontation.

But of course, the whole thing was initated by Jews. Against other Jews. So how could it be any other way? So, we watch our enemies celebrating. And gearing up for the next battle.

I hope we'll be more unified for that one. I pray we will be.


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