Sunday, August 07, 2005

The G-d Argument

I have tried to stay away from religious arguments for why we shouldn't leave Gush Katif. But with Tisha B'Av fast approaching, it's just so in-your-face, that I can't avoid it anymore.

Tisha B'Av is the day commemorating the destruction of both the first and second Temples. It's also the day that the order for Germany's final solution was signed. It's a day when bad things have happened for the Jewish people. But it's not random.

The sages teach that the reason the 2nd Temple was destroyed was because of Sinat Chinam, hatred between Jews for no reason. There is even a story about guy who was thrown out of a party, so he initiated the chain of events that would result in the 2nd Temple's destruction and the Jewish people thrown out of their home country. It's not a made-up story.

This has always been our problem: how we act cruelly and without compassion towards one another.

Here we are falling all over each other trying to show the world how compassionate we can be to even our enemies. And you know what? It isn't working. Most people worldwide think we're oppressing these poor shmucks. (The Palestinians, in case you weren't sure.)

Think about it. We are planning on throwing our own people out of thier homes to give to the Palestinians and it's not enough. It's not doing us any good. They just want more.

Face it. It's a waste of time. No matter how nice we are to our enemies, it won't do us any good. But you know what will help us? Being compassionate to other Jews. That will work. Ok, yes, it's a religious argument. Ok, you're right. I'm guilty as charged. But it is true. If we were careful to be as compassionate to our fellow Jews as we have always been to everyone else, we'd be fine. The bombs would stop and we'd be completely safe.

I wonder why we've never tried that?


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