Wednesday, August 24, 2005

By the Rivers of Yarkon We Sit, Weeping at the Memory of Zionism

Written by David Ha'Ivri

History has repeated itself. The Jewish people were driven out of
their land by the Babylonians and again by The Roman general
Turnus Rufus who destroyed our holy city and plowed the area of
the Temple Mount. Zionism was meant to be a cure to this national
disgrace. To return to our land and build a proud and independent
Jewish State. But now the tables have turned. Israeli general Sharon
has expelled our people and bulldozed Jewish towns in Gush Katif
and Shomron.

Ze'ev Jabotinsky, the founder of the revisionist movement wrote:
"May I forget my left arm if I forget the east side of the Jordan River."
Today, those who claim to be his ideological heirs have even given up
the west side of the Jordan. The major mainstream "Zionist"
movements are all partners in the most orchestrated pogrom in
history. All that is missing is the classical music in the background.

Like the invading Roman army, Sharon systematically
marched forty thousand officers and professional soldiers
into civilian Jewish towns and expelled the residents from
their private homes.

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