Monday, August 08, 2005

A Bloody Drive-by

This message was forwarded to me by Ralph Zwier. If you have seen his name around the blogosphere and the Disengagement/Gush Katif issue, you noticed that he provides good accurate info and is on the right side.

In any event, although it may not be fun to report on stories like this, as the letter itself points out, the main-stream press seems to ignore events like this as if they don't happen or are unimportant. That is just not right. How can people make proper decisions if they are not getting accurate information? So, with that thought in mind, here is a a note from Jake Livni of Australia and Israel.

--- Beginning of Jake's message ---

There has been a nasty shooting near Jerusalem. It has not been reported in the press.

A 10-year-old boy, connected indirectly to my family, was shot in the head yesterday by Arab attackers in a drive-by shooting near Jerusalem. He has suffered serious brain injuries.

His name is Tzur Pinchas ben Sarit. Prayers for his full recovery would be appreciated.

This incident has not been reported in the international press, as far as I have seen. There were just a few reports in the Israeli press, saying that the boy is "stable".

I got a phone call from a relative about this yesterday. It hardly got a mention in the news here. The Arab attackers shot the boy in a drive-by shooting, then set their car alight and escaped in another car, which was waiting for them.

Two things are noteworthy:

  1. There are many, many incidents like this that get little or no media exposure at all. Even the Israeli press finds other things to report on. This goes on all the time.
  2. When such incidents ARE reported, they are mis- or under-reported. A "10 year old boy in stable condition" sounds like he's waiting for a visit from the hospital's resident clown to cheer him up; I am afraid that serious ( and possibly permanent ) brain injuries are really in a different category.

And it's always like this.

Pray for Tzur Pinchas ben Sarit.


Giving them territory won't increase anyone's security, either.

  • Jake


Blogger Batya said...

One of the most upsetting things during my recent visit to the states was how little the media write about what's really happening in Israel.

9:24 PM  

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