Sunday, August 14, 2005

Al Queda To Open A Branch In Gaza

"Terrorism wins a round in Gaza disengagement"

Craig Weiss
Aug. 14, 2005 12:00 AM

This speaks for itself. Here's a clip from the article. Talk about burying your lead. This was halfway through the article.

"As soon as Israel withdraws its security forces, weapons of every variety and terrorists from all over the world will flow freely into Gaza.

Al-Qaida, which typically establishes its operations wherever there is a vacuum of power, has just announced plans to open a branch in Gaza. With access to the Mediterranean, and in close proximity to both Israel and Europe, Gaza will become one of the terror capitals of the world."

As Americans, it is not just the threat of increased Palestinian terrorism that should concern us. Throughout the world, Muslim terrorists are now pointing to Israel's surrender in Gaza as a victory against the West that can be mimicked in Iraq and Afghanistan."

The rest of the article is pretty good too. Some common sense, unlike what you hear on the news most of the time.
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