Sunday, July 24, 2005

Uzi Landau Speaks

Uzi Landau is the leader of the Likud rebels, those members of the majority party in Israel that don't believe in what Sharon is doing. He spoke today to a group here in Los Angeles.

Here is what he said: Leaving the Gush (the Gaza Strip) and North Samaria is only the beginning. The left wing agenda is set. Leave Judea and Sumeria entirely. Leave the Golan Heights. Leave Gaza. Go back to the pre 1967 borders.

The Aushwitz borders. His words not mine.

And he said one thing I hadn't thought of. If, G-d forbid, we leave Gaza, they will have thier own deep water port, and can import anything they want.

Gosh, I wonder what they'll want to bring in? Tanks? Missiles? Ground to air missiles? All the things we've been stopping them from bringing in so far.

Aushwitz borders indeed. Perhaps, we might want to rethink this.


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