Monday, July 11, 2005

Stop Being Politically Correct

by: Shmuel Sackett
International Director, Manhigut Yehudit
Tamuz 5765 (July, 05)

According to Arutz-7, British Prime Minister Tony Blair attributed the recent bombings in London "to the Arab-Israeli dispute and the lack of democracy in the Middle East."

The NY Daily News reported that British Member of Parliament George Galloway said it was due to "the daily destruction of Palestinian homes."

Now it's my turn to place the blame. The reason for the terror has nothing to do with Israel and everything to do with being politically correct. Thousands around the world have been killed and this trend will unfortunately continue as George beats around the bush and Tony blares out lies.

If these world leaders would be honest, they would give the exact reason for the bloodshed. They would put political correctness on the side and tell it like it is; Radical Islam has declared war against the Christian and Jewish world and will stop at nothing until all infidels (non-Moslems) have been destroyed.

It has nothing to do with the Palestinians.

It has nothing to do with democracy.

It even has nothing to do with the Middle East.

These beasts are not interested in the plight of their "brothers" in Gaza. If they did, they would have taken their oil billions and helped them long ago. They do not want land since this is a holy war (jihad) that has nothing to do with land. They want blood. Jewish blood (terror in Israel), American blood (World Trade Center), Spanish blood (Madrid) and now British blood.

Still, nobody dares say the truth. No world leader or even acknowledged journalist tells it like it is. They skirt the issue, blame the terror on "extremists" and invent enemies halfway across the world who might not even exist.

Until the truth is told, the terror will continue. All of Bush's horses and all of Blair's men will never put safety in our lives back again. Soldiers can -- and will -- patrol the LIRR, Metro North, Amtrak and London Tube but they will not succeed.

Here is what must be done: While talking about global warming and African poverty is nice and helpful, the leaders of the G-8 must stand firm and declare an all-out war on Radical Islam. Not Taliban cavemen, Al-Qaeda freedom fighters or Iraqi insurgents but radical Moslems worldwide. Mosques where violence is encouraged and Islamic schools where hatred is taught must be immediately closed down. Moslem leaders -- and their followers -- who applaud murder and suicide bombers must be evicted from our countries and returned to their own lands. These people are potential dangers to our free world and we cannot live by their side. They follow a religion of hate and bloodshed. If you don't believe me, spend five minutes listening to them and how they interpret the Koran, and then tell me if you want them as your neighbors.

This, of course, will never be done since it sounds horrible and unfair. The fact that it will solve the problem is not important. In today's world, things must not only be good... they must also look good and declaring an international war against radical Islam does not foot that bill.

So, get used to the terror. Get used to riding the busses and trains in fear. Get used to gory headlines and blood filled news reports and hope and pray it doesn't include anybody you know. The only way to solve this problem is to remove the word "politically" from "politically correct". Only then will we finally win the war on terror.

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Blogger will said...

I agree political correctness seems to preclude the possibility of apparently simple solutions to unpleasant problems. Bombers of any description shouldn't be allowed to stay in any society. However, in the UK, many 'British' Asians, as they call themselves, were born here in Britain. Where do we send would be bombers among them? What about their family members? You seem to be saying that interfaith or inter-racial mixing should never be allowed for fear of a later dispute which might turn violent. Surely, that thinking leads us to ethnic cleansing as a logical conclusion? Ok, let's run with that for a second.
The argument of who lived where first, and therefore has claim to this or that land mass, seems like the next question to ask. And finally, we have the ultimate question of who has the power to remove the miscreants? Maybe, the miscreants are the ones with the power. Maybe the Native Americans would like their country back?
The Aussie Aboriginals. The European Celts? The African diasporah, now evolved to races of all kinds! Shall we return and tell Black men to move over, that our ancestors once lived where they stand? The trouble with simple solutions meted out with a, no doubt, reluctant iron fist, is that they are bollocks.

7:27 AM  

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