Monday, July 18, 2005

Never Give up. Never Give in.

These were the words of Yoram Ettinger, one of the ministers that Sharon fired because he pointed out the truth: disengagement from Gaza is very risky. It doesn't make sense.

Listen people: We are winning. Ya want to change history? Then do something. I got an email today from one of the guys at It said that even a dollar can make a difference.

It's true. You know, often in life, we pretend that we can't make a difference. We know it's not true but we pretend because we're being lazy.

Now is not the time for that. Every little bit helps to turn the tide. To keep your brothers and sisters in thier homes. To keep from rewarding terrorism, we must do that little bit. It will save Jewish lives.

So, whether you go to one of or one of the other websites and give a dollar or ten thousand, or if you just forward this article to a freind or ten thousand freinds, you are making a difference. Be strong. Don't give up. Don't give in.


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