Friday, July 15, 2005

Gaza Disengagement - Trigger to an Avalanche

By Rachel Neuwirth (07/14/05)

Ariel Sharon's Gaza disengagement scheme is being hailed by George Bush, Sharon and the major media as a step toward peace and security. A closer examination will show, however, that it is an egregious violation of human rights, an illegal action, and a major setback in the war against terror which will harm, not only Israel's security, but US security as well.

In a civilized world, Sharon's "disengagement" proposal would probably be rejected by all responsible governments because it is so akin to ethnic cleansing, even if it is being done by Sharon against fellow Jews.

Muslims today can and do live anywhere in the world, with migrations into Europe and America. Over a million Arab Muslims live inside Israel as voting citizens, but eight thousand Jews on historic Jewish land in Gaza are to be expelled because the Gaza Arabs, in their bigotry, will never accept Jews living among them.

Instead of the nations demanding that this Arab bigotry end, they now support Sharon in his scheme to expel thousands of Jews only because they are Jews. Let us not pretend that Israel's government or the nations oppose de facto, if not genocidal, ethnic cleansing.

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