Sunday, July 31, 2005

Does Corruption Drive Israeli 'Disengagement'?

Some of you may not know of these accusations. I'm not saying they're true. But considering what's at stake, I think the evidence needs to be looked at. Decide for yourself.

by Rachel Neuwirth

Saturday, July 30, 2005 01:53:19 PM

In the last few weeks we have explored some possible motives behind the government of Israel's insanely self-destructive decision to expel the Jewish population of Gaza and part of Samaria, and to withdraw Israel's military outposts from these areas, which are essential for Israel's defense.

Among the explanations we have considered are the deeply engrained Jewish tendency to seek to please friends and protectors an to appease enemies at all costs--a legacy of the Jewish people's many centuries as a helpless, ghettoized minority. Another possibility is that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon [ ] has been blackmailed by Israel's leftist public prosecutors, who are zealous supporters of the supposed "peace process," and who have been threatening for years to bring criminal charges against Sharon and his two sons.

But these tentative explanations don't fully satisfy even ourselves. Still the question remains: how is it possible for one of Israel's greatest military heroes, a man with a reputation as a patriot and even as a "hard-line" supporter of Israeli settlement in Gaza, Judea and Samaria, to bulldoze through a suicidal project that runs counter to everything he has stood for during the past fifty-seven years?

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