Friday, July 29, 2005

The Current Situation: A Summary.

If you're reading this, you're probably aware of all that is happening. Still, there's lots of info and points of view and commentary all over the place, so I thought that a summary of the situation might be helpful. Here goes.

With only a16 days left from Israel's projected pullout date from Gaza, everyone's position seems pretty clear. The vast majority of the settlers there want to stay and are going to try to hold out.

Sharon is determined to Bulldoze them out, then seal up the area with new fence.

And of course, every day, thousands of Israelis who support the Gush Katif settlements attempt to sneak in.

Many are arrested. Some are beaten. It's a very tough situation. Jews fighting Jews.

And in the background, there are some in the Knesset who are trying to oust Sharon from his job, but it's difficult, because apparently, there is no longer an option to give a no confidence vote. The rules have changed and now someone must be voted in before Sharon can be voted out. If it weren't for this, he'd have been out months ago.

So, the positions are set. It's just a case of who will blink first. If no one does, then in a few weeks, we may just see a military confrontation between the Israeli army and Jewish settlers, G-d forbid. A horrible situation. Unless there is a miracle. Which, personally, I am predicting.

So, that's it. We have two weeks to make a miracle. Get to work.


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