Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Another Letter from a Resident of the Gush

The following is a letter from Anita Tucker, resident of Netzer Hazani in Gush Katif/Gaza, Israel.


An open letter:

"To the People of Israel, to every Jew wherever he may be.
I write this letter with great inner turmoil, at the end of another day in Gush Katif.

In the past year and a half, we inhabitants of Gush Katif have waged a struggle, the likes of which have never been seen in our circles.

It was a pure and unblemished struggle: we screamed Faith with all our strength, we cried out Love until our throats were sore. We knocked on the doors of thousands of homes, and we embraced thousands of Jews. We felt that we were greatly privileged; we sensed that we had fallen upon a period of history that would yet be talked about for many years to come. We had a sense that we were leading the Nation of Israel in a new direction. We believed that from amidst all this impurity, something holy and pure would result. We truly felt the pangs of the Messiah's arrival!

But the powers of impurity continued in their work - and despite the fact that we did not betray the trust that had been placed in us, and did not for a minute get sucked into selling our faith and our beloved Land for money, the days wore on, and time is catching up with us, and we can already feel the heavy breathing of the Satan's emissaries down our necks.

Do you know, dear brothers,that the expulsion has already begun? Do you know that the media refuse to broadcast pictures and information that could cause the cancellation of the expulsion? Do you know that policemen are beating Gush Katif Jews who are bound with handcuffs? Did you know that even girls have been and are being cruelly beaten by policemen? Did you know that policemen are equipped with metal knuckles and other cruel accessories in order to hit us?

Did you know that policemen are freely fabricating arrest reports in order to cover up for their acts, leaving innocent citizens to stand trial for crimes they did not commit? Did you know that all of this is backed up by the authorities, in full knowledge of the injustice that is being caused to innocent people?

In another five weeks, they will knock on our doors - but we know now very clearly that the "evacuation" will not be done gently. We will be beaten until we bleed, and then dragged cruelly from our homes.

Here in the Gush, we're still anticipating a miracle, we're still praying for salvation. But you, dear brothers, must be ready to move! We have carried out our part; we have remained strong, and we will continue to do so until the end.

But now, we need you. On the day that Gush Katif is closed, I ask you, please, please, don't sit at home! Get up and start walking! Don't say it's too late or there's no chance; if everyone gets up and comes, perhaps, perhaps we will succeed! Maybe the Master of the Universe will hear and will save us. Each and every person must feel that in the merit of his own actions, Gush Katif will be saved.

Those of you who might prefer to sit on a comfortable sofa in your living room and watch us on television being cruelly beaten and our beloved Land sold away to murderers - will have to live with this his whole life. He will have to explain to his grandchildren, who will ask him again and again, "What did you do to save the
Land of Israel? What did you do on behalf of your brothers in Gush Kati?"

We have not lost our faith, and even when and if the situation gets even worse, we will continue to believe - for the Master of the Universe does only good for His children. But the moments of truth have arrived - and soon it will be too late.

Aviel Tucker
Father of Noam, Dan and Elad
Netzer Hazani

To help, please take part in the July 19 protest demonstrations and consult the AFSI website: – home page – for ACTION suggestions you can take. Contact us with questions: 212-828-2424; Thank you for your anticipated concern. Helen Freedman/AFSI.

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