Friday, July 22, 2005

1000 Buses depart for the Gush

I have to admit, I was worried about what would happen in Israel. After all, we can say all we want here in the U.S. But Israel is where the rubber hits the road. We can help, and yes, it's critical help. But if the withdrawal from Gush Katif (yes, that's Gaza) is to be prevented, then there must be a very strong effort in Israel itself. Well, check this out. It's started.


Americans For a Safe Israel/AFSI extends its warmest congratulations to the tens of thousands of protestors against the Sharon expulsion plan who braved the harassment and humiliation inflicted on them by the Sharon government, but yet prevailed.

Herbert Zweibon, AFSI’s Chairman, states, “Over one thousand buses were scheduled to leave from all over Israel, from cities in the north, east, west, and south, filled with dedicated protestors, exhibiting determination to hold onto all the land of Israel. Thousands left their jobs, their families and their physical comfort to endure the hardships accompanying the march from Netivot to Gush Katif. Many brought their families with them. The Sharon government reacted in panic. Bus drivers were threatened with removal of their licenses if they drove the passengers. At some bus stops, mounted police and water cannons threatened the demonstrators. Most buses were delayed in departing. None of this discouraged the protestors as they drove in private cars, cabs, or walked, and finally reached Kfar Maimon, their first destination. Sharon’s frantic efforts were such that police were ordered to remove Jews with kipot from buses departing Ma’aleh Adumim, leaving stranded passengers on the road to Jerusalem. None of this stopped the dedicated marchers.”

Zweibon continues, “Photos showed us the shameful scenes of Jews behind barbed wire, with Jewish soldiers guarding them on the other side. It is only through the generosity and kindness of the residents of Kfar Maimon that the detention camp conditions were made tolerable.”

In conclusion, AFSI’s Chairman states, “Ultimately, with an improved strategy, the people will find ways of reaching Gush Katif. Continued demonstrations and distractions throughout the country will stretch the IDF and police to the point where enforcing the expulsion will fail. We believe that those fighting for the integrity of the Land of Israel, the foot-soldiers defending NOT ONE INCH, will prevail. “

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