Thursday, June 02, 2005

What Israel Gets if it Gives Away Gush Katif: Nothing...

... But more violence.

I don't mean this as a joke. Honestly. What do we get if we give away this asset?

I say an asset because Gush Katif produces much of the best produce in Israel, and brings in $100 million into the country from exports.

What do we get from this? Do we get other assets in return? No. Money? Real Estate? No.

Do we at least get an agreement that there will be less violence? No. Do the Palestinians finally change their charter to renounce violence? Definately not. They would only laugh. It seems to be working for them.

Do we get anything at all? No.

But the Palestinians do.

They get money. The $100 million annually I mentioned, plus domestic income from the same crops.

They get homes. The homes of our people. About 7000 of them. If you figure these houses are worth $100,000 apiece, then we're giving away $700,000,000. That's $700 million that was built at great effort and self sacrifice over decades.

They get the momentum, knowing that we voluntarily threw our own people out of their own homes.

They get the knowledge that killing Jews works to get them what they want.

Are you getting sick to your stomach yet? I am.

Oh, one more thing. And this is the best, and the worst.

They get to be within bombing range of dozens more Jewish communities.

So we do get one more thing. Assuradly, we will get more, I can't even say it.

If you are sick to your stomach, you might want to click the link below to help stop this really, really bad idea.

Click here to help.


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