Monday, June 27, 2005

The Terror Superstate we're creating in our own backyard

There was a rally in support of Gush Katif in Los Angeles last Thursday night. Benny Elon spoke. He is the Minister of Tourism in the Israeli Government, but he totally disagrees with Sharon about the disengagement plan.

Over and over, in his speech, Elon spoke of the risk. It's risky. It's not worth the risk.

Here's what he explained. It's not just about Gush Katif and Gaza. The day after we leave Gush Katif, the plan is to begin the pullout from the West Bank. (btw, I hate to use that term, the West Bank is smack dab in the middle of Israel. It IS Israel.)

He had this map up that showed what that would look like. And I'm telling you, it's scary.

I will try to find an online version of this map. But if this is set up, terorists will own territory within five miles of more than half of Israel. It's crazy. We are planning on giving them bombing range of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, etc., etc, etc. Do you trust them? I don't.

Just think about it. We could be squeezed out of our own country.... This is what we're talking about and why we must do something to stop it now! Please do something.

We can all do something. Go to a site each month on payday and give. Go visit Gush Katif. Email a link to this and other sites to freinds. (You'd be amazed at what you can accomplish by sending links.) But please, do something.


Blogger Batya said...

HaRav Benny Alon was the Minister of Tourism until Dictator Sharon fired him.

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