Thursday, June 30, 2005

Poll: Support for Disengagement Plan Drops

A poll released on Wednesday shows that support for Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement Plan among Jews in Israel is on a downward slide.
According to Wednesday's poll carried out by the Midgam polling company, support for the Disengagement Plan among Jews in Israel has dropped to 48 percent. A different June 17th telephone poll published in the daily Maariv newspaper showed 54 percent of Israel’s Jews supporting the plan.

The Midgam company is affiliated with the Harris Interactive polling company based in the US. The new poll was commissioned by anti-disengagement Likud loyalists. In light of the fact that the results were relatively pleasing to those who commissioned it, pollster Mano Geva stated that the poll had been carried out according to the highest accepted professional standards.

Together with the drop in support for the plan, the poll showed a steep rise to 41 percent among Israeli Jews who oppose the plan. Eleven percent remain undecided.


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