Wednesday, June 15, 2005

P.M. meets his match- teenage girls

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June 15, 2005

Israel’s Prime Minister often boasts, and rightfully so, that Israel is a major military power- in procurement, personnel, discipline, maintenance and will. And here we have the image of the putative commander in chief of this mighty nation, threatening, harassing and jailing teenage girls for openly protesting his ruinous policies. He employs outrageous tactics, more appropriate to a divorce court by threatening their parents with removing parental custody of these spunky teenagers.

The hero of Israel’s wars retreats from the bluster of real and determined enemies such as Abu Mazen and his cohorts and empties Israel’s jails of hardened mass murderers, and, most egregiously fills the cells instead with principled Israeli teenagers.

These youngsters are lured by promises of release if only they relent and promise to stop their activities. Like the young hero of Tiananmen Square who dazzled the free world by standing in front of a battalion of tanks, these young patriots stick to their opposition even under the harsh condition of detention.

Herbert Zweibon, Chairman for Americans For a Safe Israel said: “No one can be certain of the outcome of the confrontation. It is possible, however, that the P.M. has unwittingly ignited a revolutionary movement among the young. It is clear that thousands of youngsters are prepared to join these young girls in their prison cells.”


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