Thursday, June 23, 2005

Perhaps we need to be in therapy.

Have you listened to people talk about the Gush Katif issue? I have. In the last few weeks, the thing I've noticed is a rather disturbing attitude: getting used to losing.

Why? I mean the pullout is two months away. If you were told your business would go under in two months, would you give up now? If you were told your child, G-d forbid, would die in two months, would you just shrug your shoulders? If you were told that you and everyone living in your city would have to move out in two months, would you just so ok and start packing?

No. Of course you wouldn't. You would fight. You would protest. You wouldn't give in. At least most people wouldn't. And, in fact, if this were any other group of people, I'm sure you would encourage them to fight to the last, to not give in.

And yet, what I keep hearing is that it's too late. It's over.

But it's not.

I honestly think, if your attitude is, that the poor Jews of Gush Katif, your family, should just give in and start packing, you really need to look inward and ask yourself why you want to give in without even a struggle.

It's not normal. It's not compassionate. Frankly, I find it very strange.

Somehow, every other group on Earth is deserving of compassion except your own family?

Perhaps you need to be in therapy.


Blogger Smooth said...

Great post. Our enemies just love to see us downcast, weak, and spineless. They perceive us as schlmiels, who just schlep along and take orders and board the cattle cars under point of gun etc etc etc. Many Jews sadly feel very comfortable being weak because it is easier to give in than to fight back. They don't want to make a stink. "Don't get them more mad at us" "Do what they say" "Better to be quiet" I for one, as you can tell, don't buy into that. I'm a fighter, I believe in the legitimacy and sovereignty of the nation of Israel, and I believe that G-d wants us to defend ourselves. If he didn't, Ben-Gurion wouldn't have pronounced on that glorious May 14 --addressing the descendants of the exiles driven out by Rome nearly two millennia before-- Israel reborn.
The flag of Israel flew over the Temple Mount for a few hours that day before Moshe Dayan took it down and handed the keys to the Holy site to the muslims, but the flag of Israel will fly over all of Israel again one day, and that is HaShem's promise.

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