Sunday, June 19, 2005

Palestinian prisoner rips up Koran

And you thought Guantanamo was bad... You, come to think of it, a lot of people have been upset that the Arabs have defiled our holy sites, Upsidedown World included. But maybe they just like to defile things. Makes you think, huh? If only they would just keep defiling thier own stuff and leaving ours alone, then maybe everyone would be happy.

Jun. 19, 2005 20:59

A Palestinian female prisoner from Shikma Prison near Ashkelon desecrated a Koran on Sunday and tore pages from the book which she threw into a toilet, the Prisons Service said.

A guard succeeded in retrieving the pages from the toilet and turned them over to the Prison management. The prison warden ordered an investigation into the incident.

Two weeks ago, Palestinian inmates in Megiddo Prison in the north claimed guards defiled three Korans during a routine search of their cells. A Prisons Service inquiry revealed however that the Korans were not desecrated by guards but had pages cut out of them by the inmates who used them to decorate a model they had built of the Dome of the Rock mosque.


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