Sunday, June 05, 2005

Orangephobia - Arrest that color!

May 30th, 2005 IsraelReporter.Com (May 30, 2005 – Neve Dekalim, Gaza Strip)

In the surreal reality that exists in Israel today, we are experiencing a trend that is approaching phobia proportions: “Orangephobia”.

In the unofficial lexicon, Orangephobia is defined as “an irrational and overwhelming fear of the color orange”. Why has Orangephobia spread like an epidemic in Israel? It is due to the fact that orange is the color that has become widely-identified with the struggle to prevent the Israeli government from evacuating 21 entire communities in the Gush Katif bloc commencing late summer 2005. Virtually everywhere you travel in Israel, you can see the color orange being displayed by Israeli citizens that identify with and/or support the struggle of these communities to continue their existence after this summer.

Orange hats, shirts, flags, ribbons, kippot…just about anything these days can be purchased in orange....

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