Thursday, June 16, 2005

National Defense 101

It's a recognized principle of national defense that if you're vulnerable to attack by a certain channel, that you do something to deter that attack, or at least counterbalance the threat to the opposing side.

For example, in the United States put a blockade around Cuba to prevent an enemy nation from pointing nuclear weapons at American soil. And we went into Afganistan to root out a threat to our national security.

This is why Israel has built up so many communities on the Golan Heights. And this is why there are Jewish communities in Gush Katif. They were put there very carefully, with an eye towards tactics, to shield the rest of Israel from any terrorism threat that might emerge from Gaza.

This is what makes this potential pullout so dangerous. If it takes place, some 40 communities will suddenly be within rocket range of our enemies; enemies that in the last few years have shown no sign that they will be peaceful.

So, instead of shielding our communities, we will be exposing them. To our enemies. To terrorists that murder women and children eagerly, without any pretense that it's bad.

And the Israeli government, which is charged with protecting Israel, is the one pushing this. They seem to want to expose Israeli communities to danger.

Are these good tactics? Is this what we want our defense forces to do? Don't we want them to shield us? Hello? Mr. Sharon? What ever happened to Military Intelligence? Or did you lose that when you sat in the Prime Minister's Chair?


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