Monday, June 27, 2005

Gush Katif visit

by Paula Stern, Maaleh Adumim

I've just spent 3 days over a period of two weeks in Gush Katif and other places. I am equally amazed by what these communities have built and dismayed at the ease with which the government wishes to give it away. What is interesting to me is that my friends (true and good friends) who are left-wing readily admit that they do not believe surrendering parts of Gaza will bring peace.

I escorted a foreign radio journalist around for two days and she agrees that giving the Arabs 40 sq. km. of land currently controlled by Israel will do nothing to assist the Palestinians living on 640 sq. km. from living a life of squalor and poverty. I got no response when I asked what harm these communities do to the local Palestinian community and I personally have seen the benefit it offers (water, electricity, jobs, development of infrastructure).

I continue to be amazed that the Sharon government will endanger further thousands of Israelis be bringing the constant threat of rockets and mortars (two more fell this morning - damaging a hot house and a home) so much closer to Israel's heartland. And, to do this at a time when terror is once again on the rise, is beyond belief.

On Friday, 4 teenagers were gunned down by terrorists. A 17 year old died on the spot, another 15 year old died from his wounds yesterday. Sharon's response - deafening our everlasting shame as a country. If anyone is interested, I am posting pictures of Gush Katif to my site:

I hope that if you haven't visited these amazing communities and people, that you will take a few minutes to visit the site and see some of the things that they have created.

Posted by Paula, Maaleh Adumim on 2005-06-27 20:34:43


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