Thursday, June 16, 2005

“The Best Predictor of Future Behavior is Past Behavior”

Dr. Phil says this all the time. I bet he never thought anyone would apply it to the problems in Israel. But he’s right. Leopards don’t often change their spots. So when I talk to Jews who are pro-disengagement, I have a hard time not getting hot-under-the-collar.

Their argument goes something like this: I am sure that the Palestinians just want to be left alone to live their own lives. We have to give them a chance to do that. If they become more violent, we can always go back in there with troops.

It’s a very nice, compassionate position. The problem is, of course, that if we do this, innocent Jews will die. Definitely. Not maybe. If we do this, we are signing death certificates for innocent Jewish women and children.

Why do I say this? Why am I so sure? Because that is what the Arabs leaders are saying they will do. They can hardly wait to take this territory over, so that they can begin bombing another Jewish community. And there are dozens of Jewish communities within rocket range of Gush Katif, including the fairly sizeable community of Ashkelon.

The question to me is why Jews are unwilling to accept reality. The Palestinians have never taken the statement out of their charter that they want to destroy Israel. Why? Because they mean it. And their leaders say constantly, that these peace agreements are only for the purpose of getting another inch, another gun, another foothold in order to advance their cause.

So wake up people. Just because you want the other kids to play nice, doesn’t mean that they will. You want peace? Get a big stick.


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