Thursday, June 16, 2005

And What If We're Wrong?

Who, you ask. What if who's wrong? Good question. Let's look at it from both sides:

What if we are wrong? The folks who don't want Isreal to give away any of it's tiny country. Well that would be bizarro world and defies all logic, but let's say, the softies are right and we should give Gush Katif away, but we keep it instead.

What harm would this do to Israel? Well, none. The status quo would be preserved. The Arabs would still hate us, and so would most of Europe.

But, what about the con position? What if Sharon is wrong, and we do pull out? What's the worst case scenario? Well, the worst case would be if the Palestinians quickly build an army and invade. Well, we might, probably would win. But how many innocents, Israeli and Palestinian would die? How many little Israeli children would be wiped out, G-d forbid, before the army turned the tide.

Or suppose they just use it as a base for an endless series of attacks, like Hezbollah has made from Lebanon over the years. How does that sound?

Is this foolish gamble worth the chance?

I don't think so. What do you think? If you had a daughter in Ashkelon, would you think this was a good idea?


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