Monday, June 27, 2005

10 Ways To Make a Difference

And by that I'm talking about preventing the the looming tragedy in Gush Katif.

The following list was taken from

" is made up of just regular people giving their spare time to stop the expulsion.

We are meeting with tremendous support and success.

We encourage you to know the issues, articulate your opinions and take an action to make a difference.

Here are ten ways you can help to save Gush Katif:

1. Put on educational events and parlor meetings. We will supply you with a video,
informational handouts and promotional items

2. Enlist the support of your local Rabbis and leadership with our media kit

3. Start a chapter in your community. We will give you support and a manual

4. Visit Gush Katif on an organized mission

5. Raise money for with parlor meetings, tzedakah boxes, & individual solicitations

6. Distribute monthly posters and flyers in your community that we will supply to you.

7. Submit editorials in your local newspapers

8. Organize rallies and demonstrations as part of a national coalition

9. Coordinate a local Speakers Bureau of community members who can articulate our positions
for educational events, parlor meetings and the media

10. Send money directly to Gush Katif for their vital programs (

We are open to your ideas and suggestions (


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