Friday, May 27, 2005

Where is the leadership?

One thing that bothers me the most out of what is going on in Israel, and even here in the U.S., is that the people we depend on to lead us, our so-called "Jewish Leaders", have really been letting us down.

I'm talking now politically and religiously. I mean, who else have we ever looked to, to lead us?

Usually Rabbis, and our political leaders, right?

Well, look around? Where are our Rabbis while Israel tries to give away Eretz Hakodesh? Mostly, hiding. Sure, a few here and there are supportive, but mostly they are cowering under their beds or hiding in their closets.

IT'S AN OUTRAGE. Now, when we really need them, they are either too afraid or too foolish to do anything. We know this for a fact. Because some of us have called prominent Rabbis to come talk to thier congregations about Gush Katif. What do they say? "I wish I could help."

What? What did you say? You wish? Now, when there is something important, perhaps crucial to Israel's survival, you're worried about offending people? You should be fired!! You should give up your pulpit for cowardice, not for offending people.

And our political leaders? Please! Don't even get me started. In Israel, the debate between Sharon, Perez and Netanyahu is how much land to give away and how quickly. What is wrong with these people? When did they become such huge pussies?

Never have I been so ashamed of our Jewish leaders. And perhaps never have we had so much to be ashamed of. Even in the Holocaust, there were heroic people risking their lives to help others.

The only thing that is encouraging is Am Yisroel, frankly. Devoid of traditional leadership, ordinary people are coming out of the woodwork to wear orange, to contribute, to create web sites, to demonstrate, and in Israel proper, to block traffic.

Well, I guess the little really have become the big, and the big have become the little.


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