Monday, May 30, 2005

Open Letter to Prime Minister Ariel Sharon

This letter was written as an op-ed by my freind Howard. I think it says it all.

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I write to implore you to reconsider your so-called “Disengagement” plan. According to Jewish law, not a particle of Eretz Yisrael may be given to gentiles. The Land is an eternal inheritance of the Jewish people from the G-d of Israel, and you have no right to “disengage from it” or give a centimeter of it away. Even on secular grounds, surely you must realize, as one of Israel’s greatest military commanders, that this “disengagement” only serves to validate the cause of Israel’s enemies. It gives credence to their lies that: 1) terrorism works to pressure land concessions from the Jewish people, and worse; 2) the land doesn’t belong to Israel, that Israel has no real claim on the Land.

From a strictly Jewish point of view, your “disengagement” is a colossal chilul Hashem, that is, a desecration of G-d’s name, as it signals to the nations of the world that not only does terrorism work to pressure Israel to give up its land, but far worse, that the Jews themselves do not believe in the promise made to them by their G-d. It signals to the nations the most abominable chilul Hashem that Israel herself does not believe in the eternal covenant that the Creator made with Israel. That the Creator ultimately not only is powerless to help Israel, but has nothing to do with Israel.

What is even more disturbing about this scenario is that you know this. During your tenure as defense minister years ago, you visited and received counsel from the Lubavitcher Rebbe, who told you in no uncertain terms, again and again, never to give the Land of Israel away. He told you that the only way to make a lasting peace with our so-called “neighbors” was to make it absolutely clear that the Land of Israel is an eternal inheritance of the Jewish people, and that not one centimeter of it will ever be given away. This is what the Rebbe advised not only you, but every prime minister in Israel, and every single one of you has chosen to disregard sound advice and to pursue a policy that ultimately legitimizes terrorism and invalidates the very foundation of Israel.

As horrific as this chillul Hashem is, the most disturbing aspect of your planned “disengagement” is something far more dangerous that crosses all party lines, be they political or religious. And that simply is Jewish life, or what we call in biblical parlance, pikuach nefesh. Not once throughout this entire period have you offered any cogent explanation as to how the “disengagement” is beneficial for Israel, why we need to do it, and most importantly, how our security is to be safeguarded after its implementation. In effect, in just a few months, you will order our Jewish armed forces to forcibly remove over 7500 Jews from their homes on Jewish soil, cede Jewish land to known terrorists bent on destroying Israel, who on an almost daily basis fire Kassam rockets into Jewish communities, such as Sderot. Worse, after these Palestinian terrorists occupy our “disengaged” land, the nearby Jewish city of Ashdod will also be within firing range of these very Kassam rockets. What, in the name of common sense, will prevent these terrorists from initiating a new campaign of terror against Ashdod or Ashkelon for that matter? The terrorists are already celebrating your unilateral withdrawal from Aza as a victory and affirmation that only through violence will Israel capitulate to its demands:

"The disengagement from Gaza is proof of our victory. The fact is that Sharon is willing to withdraw unconditionally, and is essentially raising a white flag and retreating. Only by force can we teach the other side what to do." (Sept. 10, 2004 Arutz Seva article quoting Hamas leaders)

So the obvious question is, other than why do this in the first place, what measures are you taking to insure the protection of Ashdod and any other Jewish communities that remain in firing range of the new Palestinian entity?

We, the people of Israel, who elected you as our leader have a right to know these answers. After all, it’s our lives we’re talking about, not politics. How dare you issue a pronuncimiento, like some tin pot 3rd world dictator, that anyone who opposes the “disengagement” is guilty of sedition. When I talk to people about the calamitous course on which you and your administration are leading the Jewish people, friends tell me in hushed tones to be careful as I run the risk of being put in jail for opposing the government’s policies. Does this mean that upon publication of this letter, I can expect to be instated on a Shin Beth black list and put under Shin Beth surveillance? Words cannot express my shock and dismay as I ponder whether indeed I have immigrated not to the free and democratic country I had imagined Israel to be, but to a quasi police state more reminiscent of the former Soviet Union, where KGB (read Shin Beth) agents lurk in dark corners to overhear and report a citizen’s conversation.

Shame on you, Mr. Prime Minister and all your cohorts in the Knesset, for making a sham of democracy, for turning the dream of a safe haven for the Jewish people after almost 2000 years of exile into a nightmare of insecurity and paranoia, for reneging on the covenant of our patriarchs, Avraham, Yitzhak and Yacov. But as the prophet warns, “…the Eternal One of Israel does not lie and does not relent, for he is not a human that he should relent.” You may be able to bulldoze this plan (and our homes) through the Knesset, and you may even be able to muzzle our mouths in the process, but mark me, the Holy One of Israel is watching you, and you will have one day to deal with Him. I beg of you, in the name of G-d, in the name of the Jewish people, stop this disengagement before it’s too late. You once were a hero, you saved the Jewish people during its critical hour from disaster in the Yom Kippur War. We need you now to be that hero again, to stand up for the Jewish people, to say No to the nations, to declare that Eretz Yisrael and our people are not for sale. Be a Jew, Mr. Prime Minister, and do the right thing.


Howard P.


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