Friday, May 13, 2005

On Giving Away Gush Katif - How disturbing is that?

Here we are a tiny country, smaller than Rhode Island and we’re planning on giving away part of it to a bunch of terrorists. Disturbing in a variety of ways. Oh, do let me count those ways.

1. There are 22 Arab countries with a combined land mass larger than North America. The Christians also have tons of territory. We, the Jews, who have been terrorized through history, the ones with no other country in which we are the majority, are the stupid schmucks planning on giving away our tiny territory. How stupid are we?

2. Rewarding terrorism. Need I say more?

3. G-d gave us the land. If your child gave away a present you gave him/her to the local bully, how would you feel? Not proud I bet.

4. We’ve been praying to come back to it for 2000 years, and now 50 scant years after getting it back, we want to give it away?

5. The Christians get that it’s Holy Land. The Moslems get that it’s Holy Land. Why don’t we?


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