Friday, May 13, 2005

Israel's PR is irrelevant

by Stuart Wax

As long as Israel spends their time and PR whining to the world, how much they offered the Palestinians, whether it was 93%, or 95%, or even 98%, we look like thieves trying to hold on to a stolen dollar. Once you make the statement that it is occupied territories, then you loose all claim to the land.

If Chevron or Shechem is occupied territory, than so is Jerusalem; and one can argue, so is Ramle and Jaffa. If somebody accused you of stealing $200 from them, you could say "no I didn't." They might respond, "yes you did." If you respond "I'll give you $150," you look like a thief. That is how the Israeli negotiating position looks to the world, and no amount of PR, or Foreign Ministry spokesmen's pleading will be able to explain that away.

To paraphrase the Biblical story of King Solomon: The Israelis say "cut the baby in two," and the Palestinians say "keep the baby whole," of course the world will support the perceived true mother of the baby.

The truth is, that the only argument the world could support, is that "The Land Of Israel Belongs To The Jewish People, Because G-d Gave It To Us." As the Christians in America have shown, this is the argument that works. They use it to defend Israel, and the world doesn't attack them for "racist views." It is the only answer, the whole world is waiting to hear it!


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