Friday, May 13, 2005

Even Jackie Mason Gets it.

Comedian Jackie Mason Blasts Israeli Concessions

Jewish World

World-renowned comedian Jackie Mason knows funny when he sees it, and he says there is nothing funny about giving in to Arab terrorism.

Listen to the interview on Israel National Radio

“My opinion is that we should do to terrorists what America did to Afghanistan,” Mason told Israel National Radio's Tovia Singer. “You go in and if they persist in bombing your buildings and destroying your lives and sending in suicide bombers, then there should be an unconditional determination to just tell them – either you get out of our land or we will destroy all of you.”

Mason, whose father was a renowned rabbi who was very close with the late leading Torah sage of the last generation, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, says that as someone who lived through the period of the Holocaust he sees only one solution: “We must tell the terrorists, ‘We will give you two weeks to get out of our land and then we will destroy you.’ I believe that with all my heart. You can’t compromise with people who are sending suicide bombers in to kill you."

The well-known comedian cannot understand how Israel can yet again fall into the trap of appeasing terrorists – which is how he sees the current “disengagement plan.” “At a certain point you have to put a limit to it. You can’t endlessly keep trying and trying and giving them the benefit of the doubt at the expense of your own lives,” he said. “If you lived across the street from me and kept bombing my building over and over again – am I gonna keep letting you live there? I would go in there and blow up the building, plus you, and get you out of there. I see no choice. Why did America see no choice in Afghanistan? Does America have more of a right to exist than Israel does? Why could America go to Afghanistan and kill every terrorist it could find there?”

Mason is close with many Israeli politicians but says he had a falling out with some of them over his politics. “I had a big argument with Shimon Peres about this,” he said. “I said ‘The man is a murderer, why do we have to keep negotiating with him? You got a Nobel Peace Prize with him and that makes you a simple-minded naive character.’”

Asked by Singer what he had to say to the people of Israel, Mason said all he had was admiration for those who choose to follow the Jewish destiny and live in the Land of Israel. “I don’t think the Jews of Israel have to find out from a comedian why there is Israel and what their purpose, mission and pride is.”


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