Wednesday, May 18, 2005

An Appeal for Internet Action

And you thought the internet was just for your own entertainment value. Well, yes, but you can also do something. If you read the following letter, you'll find (not too subtle either) something you can do that just might make a difference.

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
We are not in a sprint; we are in a marathon. We are not in a battle; we are in a war. Let's say that sufficient resistance is mustered to thwart an expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif and Shomron. What then? Is it ok to leave Jews at the mercy of murderers depending on miracles for their lives and safety? There is an independent referendum ( that addresses the solution to living with and in terror. Terror will not end whether there is an expulsion of Jews or not. This referendum provides a real solution for ending terror. This independent referendum ( gets people to think about the future. This referendum sanctions the established politically unthinkable into a possibility, into a mitzvah! This referendum addresses that parts of Israel are yet to be annexed and should be. At some point a G-d fearing critical mass necessary for political and social change will gradually be reached; this independent referendum ( is a most worthy and potential aide to this process.

Is not the present situation a situation of Pikuach Nefesh for Jews in Gush Katif and then the Shomron and then in the not so distant future, for all of Israel? Are we not Jews, responsible one for the other? This independent referendum ( can be a powerful and effective lifesaving measure to give much more life to the Jewish people in the future instead of terror and death. Do we not have the mitzvah not to stand idly on the blood of our brother? If we really love our fellow Jews, are we not obligated to act in whatever way we can based on the principle, V'Ahavta L'rayacha Kamocha; that it isn't enough to just love in our heart, we have to demonstrate love in our actions?

I am investing myself to have you, the reader, invest in our Jewish brothers and sisters more and to vote in such an eminently worthwhile project, which demands so little time and effort for each and every individual, and that so much and so practically leads to saving so many Jewish lives, for now and for the distant future. It would be such a small comparative investment of your individual time and commitment for you to vote in the independent referendum ( and then let others do the rest of the work in such an important area in the grand scheme of things, while you return to the important work that you yourself do. Isn't there everything to gain and nothing to lose?

The sin of the spies was to speak against the Land of Israel. Part of the tikun today is your voting for safeguarding the Land and the People of Israel (! Jews throughout the world can vote!

Sincerely with love of Israel,

Dr. Boaz Silberberg


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